Did You Know?
As a residential customer, approximately only 16% of your hydro payment goes to Hydro Hawkesbury Inc.
Did You Know?
As a residential customer, approximately only 16% of your hydro payment goes to Hydro Hawkesbury Inc.
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Green Button® Data

Accessing Green Button Data

Don’t have MyAccount?

  • Go directly to the Green Button Portal
  • Enter the required account information to validate that you are the account owner and access your data
  • To view or download your data, click the Download My Data tab, select your data preferences, and click Download My Data
  • To view or revoke access to your existing authorized third-party vendor, click the Data Shares tab
  • To authorize a new third-party data share, visit the authorized third-party’s website and follow the instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Green Button is a data standard that provides energy customers with more choice in how you access your electricity and natural gas data.  With a simple and secure process, customers will be able to securely download (access) or connect (share) their energy usage data in an industry-standard format with registered 3rd parties.


Connect My Data (CMD) is the industry standard for securely authorizing and sharing utility data with third-party solution providers. With CMD, utility consumers can digitally authorize their usage data to be shared with energy-efficiency applications, clean energy companies, analytics firms, and others, who can view and analyze the data and provide additional insights into managing and conserving resource consumption.

  • Improve energy efficiency – Consumers can use Green Button data to identify and compare their energy usage in order to improve energy efficiency within their home or business.
  • Reduce energy costs – By learning their usage patterns and habits, consumers can make informed choices about how much energy they use and when they use it. When consumers use energy during off-peak hours (also known as peak-shaving) and invest in energy-efficient appliances, it saves money and can help reduce strain on the grid.
  • Energy conservation – consumers can use their data to conserve energy to help reduce their carbon footprint and protect the environment.
  • Secure access – with Green Button standards, consumers can rest assured that their data and private information is secure. Utilities must go through a strict testing and certification process to become Green Button standard-compliant.

Third-Party Vendor Registration

Third-party vendors must register through ERTH Power. Please review our Third-Party Terms and Conditionsopens pdf file. If you are interested in becoming an authorized third-party vendor, please click the button link below to begin the application process.

GREEN BUTTON and the Green Button Logo are registered trademarks owned by Departments of the U.S. Government.

Green Button® Data video presentation




Hydro Hawkesbury is aware that some areas are currently experiencing a power outage. Our teams are on site to determine the cause.


Visit our website at www.hydrohawkesbury.ca for more information. If you witness an event that may have caused the interruption, or if your call is for a topic other than the current outage stay on the line.