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About Your Bill

Did you know?

As a residential customer, approximately 16% of your hydro payment goes to Hydro Hawkesbury Inc

Hydro Hawkesbury Inc. is responsible for ensuring the safe and reliable delivery of electricity to all of our customers while keeping our rates affordable. Comparisons to other distributors have consistently shown that Hydro Hawkesbury is one of the most efficient in the province, with operating, maintenance and administration costs lower than the provincial average.

Hydro Hawkesbury Inc.'s delivery charge represents only a small portion of your bill. We pass on the remaining charges, without mark-up to their respective parties on your behalf.

How electricity works

Electricity dissipates from the point of generation to your home or business.

When electricity travels along power lines and through equipment such as transformers, a small amount of electricity is consumed as energy. This energy is lost primarily as heat. To compensate for this effect, more power must be generated for you than you actually use.

On your bill, you will see the amount of power consumed labeled as "kWh Consumption" while the loss-adjusted, actual generated amount appears under "adjusted consumption". This is the billed amount. Since energy dissipation is unavoidable, the best way to reduce your bill is to conserve - especially during peak hours.

Electrical safety

Electrical safety

Construction & renovations

Construction & renovations

Conservation Tips

Conservation Tips


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